We cultivate traditional Viennese hospitality since 1876.
It is in that very year that a man named Michael Brunbauer receives the license to open a tavern in Burggasse 63. He calls his parlour "To The Good Shepherd", rolls up his sleeves, draws himself a beer and orders his cook to fry a "Viennese Schnitzel". For it is only a few years before that the imperial field marshal Radetzky has looted it from Milan and thus founded the fame of today's most popular Austrian meat dish. In no time at all Viennese create their nowadays worldwide famous "Schnitzel" out of the costoletta alla milanese". It is therefore fair to say that our tavern is as old as the Schnitzel itself.
The historical neighborhood of "Wendelstatt" as part of the former Neubau suburb, in which our tavern since this time exists, is a popular meeting place for culinary Vienna since the times of Emperor Franz Joseph. Exhausted shoppers from Mariahilfer Straße or Neubaugasse who want to take a rest, people who want to chill before spending the night at entertaining "Spittelberg", all love to frequent the "Shepherd" or other places in the neighbourhood and enjoy true Viennese cuisine, select wine and choice draught beer. And above all, the taverns of Wendelstatt are especially well-known for the huge portions served. Since then generations of gastronomers are committed to serve our guests unwarily. The old times are gone and a lot has changed, Austria has collapsed and was founded newly again, tow devastating wars destroyed Vienna heavily, but our Schnitzel remained the same: Huge, tasty and fair priced!
In 1974 a new leaf in the history of our tavern is turned. Elisabeth Neckar and Liselotte Graf take over the "Shepherd" and rename it "Zu den 2 Lieserln". A Viennese culinary myth is born! Like their predecessors the two ladies value tradition very much and therefore keep menu and interiors almost unchanged. Where there is success for about 100 years, there is no need for change. Unwarily and with unmistakable Viennese wit the two resolute ladies lead the tavern for over 30 years and make their cuisine famous beyond any social and geographical borders. Politicians, like the current major of Vienna Häupl, as well as the chap from the neighborhood, tourists from all over the world as well as natives, love to frequent our Viennese tavern "Zu den 2 Lieserln", which is considered more then ever one of the most popular places when it is about Viennese culinary culture.

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